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The Hudson Valley Real Estate

By Kate Washington

The Hudson Valley real estate agents agree on the criteria of someone coming here a from big city-an old gothic looking home in proper condition, in proper location from the main road and at safe distance from neighbors, not too far from New York City but must have a spectacular view. Whether the budget for homes in Hudson Valley is $100,000 or $1,000,000, the criteria remains same.

If you are also in look out of houses for sale in Hudson Valley, then there is good news for you. You can get more residential properties today than you used to get even before few years. Owing to the recession, the sellers are now bidding these houses at practical and affordable rates. However, since the old homes of this region are not at par with modern system, as a result you might need to compromise on certain terms. For example, most of these homes were built by the Dutch people who settled here in 18th Century when there were no open floor plan, or they found it better to erect houses near the roads. You may not like that but when thinking of a second home in Hudson Valley, you are no good but to compromise on location or design.

With so many options to choose from you still have the liberty to look around till all your requirements are met? As a matter of fact, since there are many houses in Hudson Valley on the list, it might take more than six months to sell a home. Previously with less availability, houses did not last more than couple of weeks on the list. So, when you are looking for houses here, you can relax because neither the price is going to jump high all of a sudden, nor you will miss it with a blink.

These days, price of Hudson Valley homes for sale have reduced, needless to mention due to the sub-prime crisis. Hudson Valley can cater second home onlookers of every budget. If your budget is well within $500,000, you can get up to 5 acres of land property with a breathtaking scenic view.

With picturesque backdrop and a meager driving distance of two and half hours from New York City makes possessing real estate in Hudson Valley a brilliant idea. On its west, there is Pennsylvania border along Sullivan County and Catskill. On the eastern side of the river, Duchess County is situated and in far north Columbia County. More you travel southwards from Columbia County to Duchess County, price of the property increases by at least $150,000 because you are moving closer to New York City.

When thinking of buying a second home, Hudson Valley seems a good choice. There are many real estate agents in this region that can help you cut a good deal and sail through the legal formalities. They have websites where they publish listings that feature properties on sale in Hudson Valley along with the market trend of this area. You will also get their contact information from these websites. Isnít it a great and easy way of buying Hudson Valley real estate?

About the Author:

Kate Washington is a licensed realtor since 1994 successfully practicing in New York. She has been a Chamber of Commerce member in Warwick and Orange County, member of the National & New York State Association of Realtors, Orange County Association of Realtors member etc. She has been winning awards for quality service every year since 1995. Visit

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